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The foundation of our pool of expertise is real-time software development, enhanced by years of control system engineering and integration experience in a wide range of applications. SAPI LAB's exclusive focus on technology management has resulted in solutions characterized by ease of use, robust built-in functionality, low cost of ownership and rapid implementation-with a quantifiable return on investment.
SAPI LABS reserve a dedicated team exclusively for the client.
  • The project management team can be made available either from SAPI LABS or directly from the client.
  • Availability of high quality dedicated manpower and infrastructure resources at a far lower cost.
By operating in the highly competitive environment, SAPI LABS has gained invaluable expertise and experience in various areas. We give exposure to our pool of developers to gain knowledge and can compete with the world market as when needed. Our specialisation with relevant domain knowledge has an intimate knowledge of the IT industry and Technology.
SAP :-
  • Operating System : Windows 2003, Linux
  • Database : Oracle
  • Web Servers/ Application Servers : Windows Server
  • Programming Languages : ABAP/4 & C/C++
JAVE / J2EE :-
  • Operating System : Windows 2000/2003/XP, Linux, Unix
  • Database : Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, Access
  • Report Writers : Crystal, SQL Server, Oracle, Jasper, JFree
  • Web Servers/ Application Servers : Apache/tomcat, IIS, Jboss, BEA
  • Programming Languages : Java / J2EE
  • Scripting Languages : JavaScript
  • Markup Languages : HTML, DHTML, XML/XSLT
  • Frameworks : JEE, Struts
  • Web Technologies : JDBC, html, JMS, JNDI, JavaMail, Spring, Hibernate, FLEX
  • Protocols : TCP/IP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, ActiveX
  • Multimedia Tools : Macromedia and Adobe: complete suites, CorelDRAW, Photoshop.
  • Development tools : Eclipse & MyEclispe
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